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Tears, Fears and Cheers – Social Media Recap – Jan 12




Welcome to the second edition of….

Tears, Fears and Cheers – The Oilers Rig Social Media Recap!!


As mentioned in our last TFC post…a lot of our blogging ideas come from comments and discussions that are spurred on by Twitter and or Facebook comments.  Consider this The Oilers Rig version of the Edmonton Journal’s “Venting” column.

These articles will be coming to a computer/phone screen near you bi-weekly from here on, so make it easy on us to find your comments by hashtagging your Tweets or Facebook posts with #OilersRigTFC

As loyal Oilers fans – you know there hasn’t been much positivity to focus on this season, but after Friday night’s mega-win over the Pittsburgh Penguins…there were a lot of happy Oilers fans.

Did your social media post make the cut?  Read on…

@rascalgas (Rascal Gas): I hope the horse-head guy throws his bra on the ice tonight!!!

@SteveDodd (Steve Dodd):  You say “Fire MacT”.  I say “No because Perron” #OilersRigTFC

@OilersNation (Oilers Nation – BM): Oilers looking to set the record for ‘Most Televised Games Delayed by the Leafs’. #HNICFail

@TheTowelBoy (TheTowelBoy): Baby Nuge must have had the whole box of Lucky Charms before the game.  Kid has some jump!

@hemigod1 (Randy): How fitting…a pizza “giveaway” party with Sam Gagner

@TodPharis (***ZILLA***):  Really…how does a flip shot go in from 50 feet out.  No screen.  #OilerProblems #OilersRigTFC

@xraydares (Darren Perin): Can we put two goalies in at the same time?  #OilersRigTFC

@IAmByks (Ryan B): Maybe the Oilers can get Tonya Harding to supply us with some pushback

@EdmontonOilers (Edmonton Oilers): Lincoln’s #babyflow is already coming in nicely! Congrats to proud new parents Ryan and Jamie Jones!

Baby Jones


@Oilerland (Fire Lowe): I’m so excited to watch the #Oilers get humiliated on national TV

@ChrisKindraka (Chris Kindraka): If eleven year old kids can handle 6am practices with ease, no Oilers should complain about 8am practices

@OilersFan05 (Eakins Death Stare): O MY GOSH! 3 SHOTS FOR OILERS AND 0 FOR PITTSBURGH. #StanleyCup here we come

@bryzgalov80 (Ilya Bryzgalov): Telling Crosby he not score against Oilers is like going into woods and slapping bear in face with kielbasa

@JSBMrevolution (Jeanshorts): Almost 10 minutes in and they’re not losing! THEY MIGHT AS WELL JUST GIVE THE OILERS THE 2 POINTS NOW!!

@AdmiralRusty (Rusty Shackleford): They’re all playing so nice and polite, passing back and forth #oilers #pens

@DieHardOilerFan (Patrick Phillips): I can’t wait for the day when we’re not just ‘surviving’ against a good team #Oilers

@Borisnikov (Jeremy Wright): For joy in times of darkness #ifeelpretty



@mental_gas (mental_gas): Gags just told Hall where he’d lose the draw to

@OilersStats (Oilers Stats): There’s a 23% chance Gagner comes out next period wearing Penguins socks

@peteroiler11 (18 PointsBack): Good job by the timekeeper to slow down Pens in the last few minutes of that period.  #Oilers #HomeIceAdvantage

@PrimeBane (PrimeBane): Nobody makes turnovers as good as the Oilers #MasterBakers

@AlexRosenPOTP (Alex Rosen): Jeff Petry is so mediocre that even his name sucks

@waddsy19 (Rob Waddell): Don’t look now but I think Gazzy’s becoming a hockey player! #gogazzygo

@bryzgalov80 (Ilya Bryzgalov): Petry almost give away more pucks than Taylor give away shots at Ranch Roadhouse

@SunTrevorRobb (Trevor Robb): Cue the circus music #oilers #yeg



@420ilerBuzz (Dustan McLean): Eakins’ bangs are money tonight #Oilers

@Theyear1987 (Bill Davenport): Some of these players would make terrible bartenders, they’re always serving minors

@CamRMPenner (Cam Penner): Too bad #Dubnyk and #Malkin didn’t start a brawl.  But I wonder if #Fleury would have brought his purse and makeup bag #OilersRigTFC #Oilers 

@Oilerland (Fire Lowe): In honour of Petr Klima, I’m spelling it Taylr Hall

@WanyeGretz (WanyeGretz): If the object of hockey was to fiddle with your mouth guards the most, the Oil would be 82-0

@oiler_country (Alan Smithee): WE JUST WON THE MORAL VICTORY CUP!! #Oilers


Twitter nearly imploded Friday night after the Oilers comeback win against Pittsburgh.  Nugent-Hopkins had one of his best games of the year with an assist and 2 goals , one of which happened to be the OT winner after a sweet pass from Eberle.  Finally, Oilers fans had something to cheer about….and not just any kind of cheering…’Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch’ kind of cheering.  It was a beautiful thing and something that both the team and Oilers fans everywhere needed to survive this dismal hockey season.

One thing is for sure…finally seeing some positive emotion from Dallas Eakins was a shock to the system so I would be crazy not to include the infamous fist pump displayed after the Oilers win on Friday night.  I still maintain that he was starting up an imaginary lawnmower or snowblower, but you be the judge.

Eakins fist pump










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